Culingaia Flora provides subcontracting services which may include:

  • Flora and Fauna surveys for larger Environmental companies
  • Assistance with delivering Environmental Community grants
  • Short term surveys – fauna monitoring and basic plant surveys
  • Supporting grant programs for Landcare i.e. Gorse Extension
  • Commissioned work for community groups to undertake specific Environmental assessments
  • Environmental Photographic services


  • Training for Environmental companies i.e. Habitat Hectares
  • Education for Primary and secondary students
  • TAFE or UNIVERSITY training or presentations
  • Delivering Conservation and Land Management units (I have a current Diploma in Vocational Education and Training – Dip VET).
  • Photography workshops for Community Groups i.e. Bird and Plant Photography – working with well known photographers such as David Whelan. Examples of David’s photography skills can be viewed at:
  • To view a Past Bird Photography workshop event, please visit:


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