Platylobium obstusangulum

Platylobium obstusangulum


 Culingaia Flora Environmental Consultancy focuses on undertaking environmental work which complies with current requirements in relation to:

*   Habitat Hectare assessments for Native Vegetation Assessments
*   Bushfire Assessment Statements required by the CFA.

*   BAL Ratings
*   Environmental management plans
*   Flora and Fauna Surveys.
*   Monitoring


Culingaia Flora works with individual landholders and companies.

Customer communication is an important element of this business and we keep in regular contact with our clients through various projects.

A fast turnaround time for all clients to receive completed documents is also provided.

Good Environmental Ethical standards are applied to all projects we undertake and we aim for a good outcome for both the client and the environment.

I work with another consultant: Ray Draper from Central Highlands Environmental Consultancy.

For more information, please contact:


Jennifer Johnson

Culingaia Flora Environmental Consultancy

M:  0417 594 225

P.O. Box 192, CRESWICK VIC 3363


OR contact:

Ray Draper

Central Highlands Environmental Consultancy

M: 0427 803 338

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